Fox's 'Rocky Horror' Revival Casts Laverne Cox as Frank N. Furter

"Orange is the New Black" actress Laverne Cox will star as mad scientist Dr. Frank N. Furter in Fox's television remake of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." The role was famously played by Tim Curry in the 1975 cult classic.

Announced in April, the two-hour revival is set to air next fall.

In the 1975 original, itself an adaptation of a stage musical, a young couple are stranded in the rain after their car breaks down, leading them to search for a phone at a nearby castle housing the Annual Transylvanian Convention. There, they’re swept into the world of Frank N. Furter, a seductive alien transvestite who creates a muscle man (Rocky) in his lab.

The first openly transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy for acting, Cox has earned widespread acclaimed for her portrayal of Sophia Burset on "Orange is the New Black."

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