Fox's 'Minority Report' Tracks Down Its Two Stars

Wasting little time, Fox's "Minority Report" pilot has found its two leads.

"Inside Llewyn Davis" actor Stark Sands will star in the dual role of twin precogs Dashiell and Arthur in the sequel to Steven Spielberg’s 2002 sci-fi mystery-thriller, while "Think Like a Man" actress Meagan Good will play detective Lara Vega. They join the previously cast Laura ReganDaniel London and Li Jun Li.

The pilot is set 10 years after the end of Precrime in Washington, D.C., as Dash, one of the three precogs, struggles to lead a normal life. Haunted by visions of the future, he meets detective Lara Vega, who may be able to help him find a purpose for his ability.

Written by Max Borenstein and directed by Mark Mylod, the pilot hails from 20th Century Fox TV, Paramount TV and Amblin TV.

(via The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline)

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