Fox's 'Minority Report' Brings Back Original Cast Member Daniel London, Adds Li Jun Li

With its central premise being a continuation of Steven Spielberg's original Philip K. Dick adaptation rather than a reboot, Fox's Minority Report just landed one piece of connective tissue.

Deadline has word that the incoming network drama has cast two key roles for its pilot. First up is original Minority Report film actor Daniel London who played Wally the caretaker in the movie. That role was a particularly creepy part of the original as Wally was perhaps too attached to the precognative people under his care. In the new show set ten years after the film, Wally will reconnect with precog Dash on his quest to escaping nightmarish visions.

Additionally, the pilot has added actress Li Jun Li as Akeela, a Crime Scene Investigation technician connected to the still uncast detective Lara Vega. In the first episode, it will be Vega who starts Dash on his path.

Minority Report's initial outing will be directed by Mark Mylod from a script by Max Borenstein. Borenstein will serve as show runner along with Kevin Falls. If it is picked up by the network, the series will debut in the fall.

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