Fox's <i>Breaking In</i> Breaks Into CBR/Spinoff Online Offices

Earlier today a messenger walked in to the CBR/Spinoff Online world headquarters in lovely Hollywood, holding a suspicious looking and rather heavy cake. My first thought was, "Wow, this is an interesting way of being served," but thankfully it was just a staff member from Contra Security, the fictional security firm that's at the center of the new Fox comedy series Breaking In -- it premieres Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on Fox, people! -- starring Christian Slater. Here's a photo of the lovely messenger.

Menacing, eh?

Along with the cake, there was a USB drive and a giant card.

Now here's the thing: When we took the cake from the messenger it felt ridiculously heavy. Like, no cake this size should actually weigh this much. We figured this being a "security firm" sending us a cake there must be some sort of spy device or weaponry hidden deep inside (maybe Slater was hiding underneath all that frosting?). We proceeded with caution and decided to film the eventual cutting of the cake both for posterity, and in case we needed evidence of criminal wrongdoing later on. I did the filming on one of my crappy and very old Flip video cameras as I made CBR Assistant Editor Rob Levin the guinea pig and had him physically cut the cake. Were we taking our lives into our own hands? Could this thing explode in our faces? Were we about to find ourselves covered in frosting? Watch the video to find out.

And of course, we couldn't finish off this post without showing you the secret message Contra Security's Oz (Slater) sent us. We probably shouldn't have inserted that thumb drive in the CBR computers.

Seriously, folks, Breaking In is a very funny new series that debuts Wednesday on Fox (and comics fans, don't miss the fifth episode of the series - there's a nice bit of comic convention madness you won't want to miss).

Oh, and the cake? Not bad! Although, hrmm, I have felt a bit strange for the last couple of hours. The office looks a tad more colorful than normal. Ohh, wavy lines. Wait, what's up with the unicorn that just entered the room? Mommy?

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