Fox Needs To Recast Wolverine ASAP

Fox's bigwigs seem hesitant to recast, but they ought to realize the character is bigger than the actor. "We haven't even thought of the next iteration of Wolverine," director Simon Kinberg said in the past. "For all of us, we were keeping our fingers crossed that the audiences would respond to Logan the way they have. I can't visualize in my head another Wolverine, but -- if that day ever comes -- we would talk to Hugh [Jackman] about it." Hutch Parker, producer on Logan echoed similar sentiments when it came to possibly rebooting. The thing is Jackman himself has said it's "inevitable" so if he's cool with it, and Fox is willing to let him have a say on a new Wolverine, the studio should push on.

A bloodied Logan and X-23

And they don't even need to reboot the character fully. Fox has always been loose with continuity, ready to retcon. Now that Cable is in the mix, this means that so too is time-travel. Cable and Deadpool could easily pluck a young Logan from the timestream, or if Fox wants to amp things up a notch, grab a Logan from the multiverse. It's a comic book universe after all. Marvel Comics did this with Xavier's first batch of students and brought them to the Marvel-616 present day to interact with their future selves - Fox could rip a play straight from them. In addition to X-Force, this offers potential for a young, foul-mouthed Wolverine to join Mystique's X-Men and rekindle his rivalry with Cyclops for Jean.

Then there's also another dynamic to explore if Fox ever bring Logan's X-23 clone into the mix. Fans loved their dynamic in Mangold's finale so imagine how epic it would be to see her with a younger, brasher Wolverine, maybe just like in the Uncanny X-Force books again, where instead of an experienced father figure, Laura Kinney found herself staring into the eyes of a stone-cold killer. A Wolverine that isn't a seasoned soldier has so much potential in it, especially if Fox wants to continue the R-rated essence of the character, which fans lapped up in Logan. If we're lucky, maybe we could finally get Logan in the Wolverine costume as well! The possibilities are endless and a lot of that is due to how many books the character finds himself in. In fact, nowadays he's viewed as more of an Avenger than an X-Man, with a massive appeal not just limited to those who love reading about the Children of the Atom.

Another major reason we need a new Wolverine is because there are still quite a few of his intimidating rogues we've yet to get a taste of. Forget the likes of William Stryker and Weapon X. Fans would kill to see enhanced soldiers such as Cyber and Omega Red rabidly hunting Wolverine. Then you've got the lupine villain Romulus who orchestrated so many disasters in Wolverine's life, as well as Daken, his son. Fox could easily use plot devices such as cloning, genetic tampering (as they did to bring X-24 to life) or again, time-travel, to shove Logan face to face against these enemies. Liev Schrieber's Sabretooth arc was never wrapped in the films as well after Origins, so there's another opportunity to have an inexperienced Logan face off against his brother.

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When all's said and done, Jackman has endorsed moving forward. This offers a chance at evolving Wolverine and also, breathing fresh life into the character. We love what Jackman did but it makes no sense holding onto the past. Fox can't shelve such a big player on their team because the man who donned the suit retired. If anything, smart and creative writing can find a way to bring Wolverine back into the game again and give him the spotlight he deserves. After all, he isn't just an X-Man, he's one of the cornerstone faces in the entire history of comics. Jackman has recognized this and it's time Fox started to do the same.

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