Recasting Wolverine? X-Men Producer Doesn't Want to Think About It

If X-Men producer Hutch Parker is to be believed, we won't see Wolverine on the big screen again anytime soon. During an interview with CinemaBlend, Parker discussed the character's future in Fox's X-Men franchise and said that he can't imagine replacing Hugh Jackman in the near future.

"It's a great question. Look, I think for all of us, at the moment, and for some of us it goes back to the very first time Hugh put on the costume. The idea of casting someone else as Wolverine is just not something I can think about," he shared with a laugh. "And I don't know. There's part of me that thinks that he's done such a brilliant job and is so iconic in the part, that we should leave it alone. And yet, I know there's always a possibility that either we find a story, or a situation comes along where you think, 'OK, maybe we should consider that.' But at the moment, we're kind of leaving that alone."

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Of course, Parker seems open to the possibility of changing his mind down the line if the right story comes along. However, as it stands, Wolverine's journey came to an end in Logan with the character's death.

Jackman first donned the claws 17 years ago in 2000's X-Men. Since then, he has reprised the role nine times. He has defined the character for a generation of moviegoers, and Logan -- his final ride as Wolverine -- ended definitively when the title character died at his clone's hands. Logan was a strong ending for Jackman's run, receiving both critical praise and massive box office success.

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Fortunately, the X-Men universe has begun to take a new turn. The franchise introduced younger versions of Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler and Storm and brought Quicksilver into the fold in X-Men: Apocalypse. Per the franchise's tradition, Jackman did make a hefty cameo as Weapon X Wolverine in that film, though his appearance wasn't critical to the plot. With Deadpool 2New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix on the horizon, the franchise is moving in a new direction that will have to adapt and survive without the fan-favorite mutant.

Arriving May 23 on Blu-ray and DVD, Logan stars Hugh Jackman as Logan, Patrick Stewart as Charles, Dafne Keen as Laura, Boyd Holbrook as Pierce and Stephen Merchant as Caliban.

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