Fox Video Promo Celebrates Its New Future in Wake of Disney Sell Off


At 12:02 AM on Wednesday, March 20, the merger of Fox and Disney went into effect, adding much of the enormous Fox catalog to Disney's already impressive archive of material. A press release from Disney notes that the company will now "be able to provide more appealing high-quality content and entertainment options to meet growing consumer demand." Some of that "high-quality content" is on display in a new promotional video, which was uploaded to the Fox YouTube channel on Wednesday.

The video features clips of many of Fox's well-known programs. It opens with a voice-over from John Noble in his role as Walter Bishop from Fringe, and visuals from both that series and Fox's record-setting The Simpsons. Bishop's voice-over tells viewers, "So much has happened here, and so much is about to." The video offers a positive perspective on a controversial merger, which some worry could lead to a homogenization of the entertainment sector.

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The video eschews all subtlety, moving from Fringe to Empire's Terence Howard in his role as Lucious Lyon explaining that "the company you know and love is changing. It's time for us to build an entirely new empire." Later in the video, Howard's character is seen addressing reporters and exclaiming, "Watch as this company becomes synonymous with American culture."

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The video cycles through a mix of cartoons (The Simpsons, Family Guy), genre fare (FringeThe Orville), dramatic programs (9-1-1) and various sports and game shows. It gives viewers a good, if brief, look at the properties that have been acquired by Disney. While the merger has prompted mixed responses from viewers, International Business Times points out that "anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 employees will lose their jobs once the merger with The Walt Disney Company takes effect."

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