Fox Twitter Account Possibly Hacked, Flirts with Other Networks

The Fox TV Twitter account is feeling pretty frisky on this Tuesday afternoon. The Twitter account with 1.4 million followers has begun to flirtatiously tweet at different network and streaming accounts, leaving many to wonder if this is a hack job, or a tease for an upcoming announcement.

"It's about time I got a makeover! What do you think?" was the first message sent that raised some eyebrows. The tweet was also accompanied by a winking emoticon, which could be our first clue that this is all a part of some type of marketing agenda.

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From there, tweets were sent to accounts for CBS, The CW, NBC, Hulu, HBO, ABC, Netflix and 20th Century Fox, which is now owned by Disney. Many of the tweets are tongue-in-cheek with references to each network or streamer. For example, ".@nbc this isn't us, but I guess we can still be friends!" is in reference to This Is Us and Friends both airing on NBC; The CW not having an official logo or sign; asking ABC if it will accept a rose for The Bachelor; and calling 20th Century Fox an "old friend."

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This is as close to "must-watch" TV as one can get for free on Twitter. Of course, this could all be hype for an upcoming fall TV series. For now, we recommend monitoring the FOX TV account to see what other surprises are in store as the day progresses.

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