Fox To Resurrect King Kong, This Time In Animated Form

King Kong will live yet again, this time in an animated feature from 20th Century Fox.

According to Deadline, Fox Animation has hired the team of Christian Magalhaes and Bob Snow (Bunny) to write a modern-day take on King Kong, based on a story by Mike Weber. This time, rather than tell the tale from the perspective of the outsiders who capture the giant ape and take him to civilization (where he doesn't fare so well), this animated update will unfold from the viewpoint of Kong.

Shawn Levy's 21 Laps will produce with Ted Field's Radar Pictures.

The brainchild of Merian C. Cooper and Edgar Wallace, King Kong debuted in 1933, becoming a classic, if tragic, monster adventure film. It inspired several sequels, spinoffs and prequels, including Toho Studios' King Kong vs. Godzilla and, most recently, Peter Jackson's Academy Award-winning take on the original.

The character is no stranger to animation, either: He appeared in the 1960s children's anime The King Kong Show, from Rankin/Bass and Toei Animation, as well as the 2000-2001 Kong: The Animated Series, from BKN International.

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