The Gifted: Who Are the Mutants of Fox's X-Men Drama?


Fall has arrived, and with it the start of a new television season. This year, amid a large batch of promising new series, one in particular stands out from the pack: Fox's The Gifted. You've seen the trailers and television spots, the ads and billboards. You've seen the "X" logo, and you've heard mentions of the X-Men and their mysterious disappearance. But while the show does deal with the popular team of mutant in some capacity, they're not the stars of the series.

In short, don't go into The Gifted expecting to see Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler. Fox's first broadcast X-Men series moves away from the core members of the X-Men and features lesser known mutants as we follow a family of four become on the run from the government after the children start exhibiting super-powers. While the X-Men do -- or did -- exist in the universe of the show, the've disappeared, leaving behind a bit of a power vacuum and a darker reality. However, while the series features Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker as Reed and Caitlin Strucker -- regular, human parents forced to do the unthinkable to protect their children -- is will count among its cast several mutants from the comic books.

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Considering they're not the most commonly known Marvel mutants out there, however, we've run down every super-powered character we know is in the series so far. So sit back and enjoy your first (or seventeenth) pumpkin spice latte as we tell you all you need to know about The Gifted's mutants.

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