Fox Sues Writer For Posting Scripts Online

Fox would really, really like you not to read their material without permission, and it's suing a woman who created an online archive of 100+ previously available screenplays for $15 million to underline that point.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the studio has filed a lawsuit against Patricia McIlvaine, claiming that her collection of scripts doesn't just devalue their creators efforts by making them available for free, but also risks spoiling the material for fans. The complaint says that posting the scripts online

interfere[s] and trade[s] off of the costly and carefully designed creative processes that produce finished works ready for public consumption. They harm the fans who do not want their enjoyment of a movie or television show to be spoiled by knowing the story ahead of actually being able to watch it.

Yes, because there are no other sources of spoilers online at all.

McIlvaine is seeking donations for her legal battle.

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