Fox Stops Clock on <i>24</i> Movie

Despite repeated assurances by Kiefer Sutherland, it looks as if the long-promised 24 movie won't be shooting this year after all.

Deadline reports that although the project hadn't been officially greenlit, it was pegged to begin production later this month, with Sutherland stepping in once his new Fox drama Touch wrapped in April. Twentieth Century Fox was even closing in on a director -- Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Brooklyn's Finest) was among the contenders -- until executives pulled the movie off the schedule, apparently over concerns there wouldn't be time to shoot before Sutherland began work on the second season of Touch.

Produced by Imagine Entertainment’s Brian Grazer and Sutherland using a script by Billy Ray, with polishes by Mark Bomback, the movie sees the actor return to the role of Jack Bauer, the character he played for eight seasons. Sutherland, who's said to be upset by the delay, has characterized the 24 movie as "relatively a direct continuation" of the show's 2010 finale, in which Bauer once again saved the day and then left the CTU team behind.

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