Fox Plans More Sequels to Popular Movie Franchises Post-Disney Merger

At Disney's panel at CinemaCon, the studio revealed that several of Fox's franchises will get future installments.

The Hollywood Reporter reports Fox's Emma Watts took to the stage to say they "intend to do our part and it is that spirit that we will continue to create new stories."

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The most obvious Fox film to get more sequels is James Cameron's Avatar -- it has its own Disney park and is set to receive five movies, after all -- but Alien and Planet of the Apes were also highlighted. Both franchises last released films in 2017: Alien: Covenant and War of the Planet of the Apes. The franchises were touted as some examples of what would continue in the following years. Kingsman was also cited, with its third film The Great Game due for release next year.

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Maze Runner will also have future installments. The series, based on James Dashner's dystopian YA novels, bowed out with last year's The Death Cure. Despite lead actor Dylan O'Brien's injury that delayed production, the film wound up with a $288.3 million box office.

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