Fox Picks Up <i>Exit Strategy</i>, Sutherland 'Overly Optimistic' About <i>24</i> Movie

It looks like Fox is getting closer to finding a new thriller to fill in the void left by Kiefer Sutherland's recently concluded 24. Deadline reports that the network has just picked up a pilot for Exit Strategy, the new real-time series headlined by Gattaca actor Ethan Hawke. Hawke stars as the leader of a five-man team that specializes in developing and implementing rescue plans for highly sought after targets. Hawke's character is said to empathize with the men and women he's saving, and he would "rather die than let them get hurt." Episodes will unfold in real time, just like 24, though full seasons are expected to cover more than just a single day in Hawke's life.

Even as the network closes in on its new 24 replacement, Fox is seemingly distancing itself from a 24 feature film. Responding to Sutherland's recent comments that a 24 movie could enter production later this year, Fox representatives told The Hollywood Reporter that the actor was being "overly optimistic" about the film's progress: "The project is still in development, with no director attached. All the other details have been reported." Back to square one on those Tony Scott rumors, I guess?

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