Fox Orders Space Drama Pilot From Len Wiseman and Greg Rosenbaum

Fox plans another exploration of space with a sci-fi action pilot from Len Wiseman and Greg Rosenbaum.

Deadline reports the Underworld creator and Gang Related showrunner signed on to executive produce the planned drama. Wiseman will direct the pilot, as he did with Hawaii Five-O and Sleepy Hollow, while Rosenbaum will act as showrunner.

Here's how the website describes the premise:

Described as The Dirty Dozen in deep space, the untitled drama is set in a foreseeable future, where companies have begun to colonize sections of our known galaxy. A mercenary search and rescue team is dispatched to investigate a distress signal from a prison transport that has crashed on an uncharted planet. This unlikely group of heroes will now have to work together when they encounter a much greater challenge on this mysterious planet than they could have anticipated.

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