Fox Orders Smoove Pilot

You can't have Curb Your Enthusiasm without Larry David, but in recent seasons, comedian J.B. Smoove has become a nearly equally essential ingredient as Leon Black, a hurricane evacuee living in Larry's house with absolutely no designs on moving out. The Curb faithful (yours truly included) can attest to Smoove's enviable comedy chops, and mainstream TV watchers are about to discover him for themselves thanks to a new half-hour comedy from Fox.

Deadline reports that Fox has purchased an untitled blue-collar comedy from Smoove, director Shawn Levy and The Office writer/producer Aaron Shure about "a husband and a father (Smoove) who has gotten divorced but, with the economy being as it is, can't afford to move out and instead moves into the family home's basement. It will revolve around the man's relationship with his family, his parents, his co-workers and a guy in a nursing home."

"He’s trying to get his life back from the basement up, from the ground up," Levy said. "He is consistently trying to do the right thing but constantly trips over his feet."

Smoove has a lot on his plate in the coming weeks and months, including roles in Ice Age 4, The Sitter and We Bought a Zoo. He's also reprising his role as Leon for the new season of Curb kicking off later this month; exactly how David and the gang plan on working Leon into the season's New York setting remains to be seen, but whatever they come up with is sure to be hilarious. For those of you who aren't already on the Leon bandwagon, enjoy these decidedly-unsafe-for-work highlights:

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