Fox Not Giving Up on "Fantastic Four"

Despite one of the lowest global performances for a big-budget superhero film ever, 20th Century Fox isn't giving up on the Fantastic Four just yet.

Scoring only $60.3 million worldwide its opening weekend and suffering from a bevy of brutal critical reviews and an accusatory tweet by director Josh Trank the day before its premiere, "Fantastic Four" appears pretty DOA. However, while things currently look bleak for Marvel's First Family, the Hollywood Reporter reports that Fox still plans on using these characters in the future.

"While we're disappointed, we remain committed to these characters and we have a lot to look forward to in our Marvel universe," Fox domestic distribution chief Chris Aronson told Hollywood Reporter. Although, he declined to comment specifically on the state of "Fantastic Four 2."

Aronson also spoke with The New York Times about the franchise's future, saying "We love these characters, and we will find ways to make use of them."

How exactly they plan on making use of Reed, Johnny, Sue and Ben remains a mystery but rumors of a crossover with the studio's other Marvel franchise -- X-Men -- continue to persist. So those hoping that Fox would end up selling the characters back to Marvel following an admittedly disastrous opening weekend shouldn't hold their breath.

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