Every Marvel Movie Thought to Be in Development By Fox


Gambit's set to begin filming in New Orleans this March, with a huge budget of $155 million. After being stuck in development for quite some time and swapping directors every few months, the film is finally moving ahead with Channing Tatum still in place to take on the titular role.

Directed by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean), Gambit is expected to be released on Feb. 14, 2019. In addition to Tatum playing the titular Remy LeBeau, Lizzy Caplan is slated to play the female lead, long rumored to be Bella Donna Boudreaux.

New Mutants 2 (and a sequel)

Fox is set to explore new grounds for a comic book movie with New Mutants, which is described as a full-blown horror flick. The movie is set for an April 13 release this year, and has been described by director Josh Boone as the first movie of a trilogy, with the following two more films designed to have their own distinct feel.

New Mutants will be a "rubber-reality" supernatural horror movie, while the sequels will explore different areas of the genre. There's no definitive confirmation on whether the sequels will actually be produced. Whether Fox attempts to fast-track at least one will likely come down to down to the reception of the first installment when it's released in a few months.


x-23 in logan

One of the movies specifically singled out as being in trouble due to the deal between Disney and Fox is X-23 - a spin-off following the young character that debuted in Logan. The film would presumably be Fox's way of carrying on the Wolverine name without recasting Hugh Jackman. X-23 is in development by Logan director James Mangold and the creator of the character, Craig Kyle.

It's worth noting that while Mangold is crafting a script for the movie, he's on the record as stating that it's nothing but a dream at the moment. So while fans were enthusiastic about the character in the third and final Wolverine film, the spin-off is far from confirmed.

Franklin Richards

Doctor Doom isn't the only Fantastic Four off-shoot in development by Fox. A movie focusing on Franklin Richards is currently being scripted by The LEGO Batman Movie co-writer Seth Grahame-Smith. The son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, Franklin is a mutant with a wide range of psionic abilities, including reality-warping and telekinesis.

There has been no news on the film since it was revealed to be in development.

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