What Fox's Canceled Lucifer Could Have Become

For two weeks now, passionate fans have been crying out against the cancelation of Fox's Lucifer. After three seasons of devilish fun, the network announced it had passed on renewing the show, along with several other series including Brooklyn Nine Nine, which was quickly picked up by NBC following a grass roots social media campaign.

The cancelation of Lucifer comes as quite a disappointment to many, especially with the third season's shocking cliffhanger ending which saw Chloe Decker (Lauren German) finally discovering the truth about Lucifer (Tom Ellis) for herself.

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Her discovery is something fans have been desperately wanting to see since the series first teased a more romantic connection between the two leads. In delaying the climax of this plot thread, the series has often risked losing fans by oscillating constantly between supernatural action and teen drama from episode to episode, all while going through the motions of a procedural cop show, something the show balanced quite well before the third season introduced Lieutenant Pierce (Tom Welling), aka the biblical Cain.


Welling's Pierce embodied everything the show was doing wrong this season. There was a lot of potential in the character, yes, but it was squandered on a love triangle that failed to progress the story in any significant way. As a result, many critics and fans consider much of the season to be a series low point. However, the finale, "Devil of My Word," was a return to form, with drama, existential exploration and supernatural action all blending seamlessly for an intriguing and entertaining episode.

Fans wanted to see more and were heartbroken to learn that it likely won't happen. The show did, however, manage to provide two "bonus" episodes, both of which received the poorest ratings of any Lucifer episode to date. To be fair, this was mainly due to bad timing; the episodes aired in a two-hour block on Memorial Day and received minimal marketing. As a result, the episodes, "Boo Normal" and "Once Upon A Time," aired to a series of two million viewerslow.

But despite the poor ratings performance, the episodes exemplify the reasons behind the show's passionate and vocal international fanbase. The show still has enormous potential... potential could have been (and hopefully will be) tapped in a fourth season.

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