Fox Hires <i>Hitman</i> Sequel Director

Hitman is returning to theaters, this time with Spanish filmmaker Daniel Benmayor at the helm. He'll makes his Hollywood debut on the sequel based on a screenplay from writer Daniel Casey, which allegedly borrows elements from the Hitman 5 video game. In that story, we find Agent 47 is a broken man who must rebuild himself physically and psychologically.

Currently, there's no word on whether or not Timothy Olyphant will return to the role of Agent 47, though Fox reportedly has an option on the actor. Kotaku points to a Coming Soon interview with Olyphant conducted last August where the actor didn't sound terribly enthusiastic about his experience shooting Hitman.

"It's not on my schedule. If they want me to do another one ... I supposed they could have me, yes," Olyphant said. "What I can tell you about Hitman is that I'm thrilled that it was as successful as it was and it was a really nice opportunity and I appreciate that opportunity."

The original Hitman grossed $100 million worldwide with $60.3 million of that tally earned from foreign markets. It was filmed on an estimated $30 million production budget.

Source: Deadline

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