How The Gifted's Big Finale Sets Up Season 2


If the Season 1 finale of Fox's The Gifted had one message, it was that everything is changing. Alliances, motivations, places of respite – if there was a thing capable of change then the two-part finale likely mixed it up in some way. This is great news for The Gifted fans, as big changes at the end of a show's first season usually signal a dynamic second season. Little has been announced about the show's sophomore season, but the events of the finale offer fodder for some educated guesses.

Perhaps the biggest change in Season 1's finale was the fact that the Hellfire Club is now back in working order. The club's reopening looks to be the catalyst for a brewing mutant civil war – one that may mirror the war originally fought between the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. The finale also hinted at what may become Season 2's main antagonistic faction, as well as a version of Chekhov's Gun that has yet to be fired, but could change everything if it does.

So, what's there to look forward to in Season 2 of The Gifted? Well, if we combine the aforementioned events with what's already been announced about the show's next season, we can get a pretty clear picture of where the beleaguered mutant groups are heading (with some speculation thrown in for good measure, of course).

The Hellfire Club Rekindled

Stepford Cuckoos on Fox's The Gifted

Esme and her two sisters, collectively known as the Stepford Cuckoos in the comics, got everything they wanted in Season 1. Fist, two key figures in the fight against mutant rights, Roderick Campbell and Senator Matthew Montez, are presumed dead. Second, the Hellfire Club again threw open its doors after its ranks were bolstered by a group of disillusioned mutants fleeing the splintered Mutant Underground.

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The Gifted's second season will almost certainly revolve around the doings of the Hellfire Club. With the Mutant Underground scattered to the wind and operating on limited resources (and bodies), it only makes sense that Hellfire steps in to take the spotlight. Considering that Skyler Samuels was just upgraded to regular status on the show, the Hellfire Club's importance has seemingly been locked in. All that remains to be seen is their endgame. Considering Esme had infiltrated a senator's reelection campaign when her sisters were arrested, expect her to pick up where she left off now that the nest is full again.

The Mutant Civil War

Esme and her sisters might be pleased about the Hellfire Club's reopening, but they're in the minority. The Hellfire Club in The Gifted seemingly draws much of its moral charter from the teachings of Magneto, the founder of the Brotherhood of Mutants and emphatic supporter of mutant supremacy. Esme's influence in Season 2 was palpable, peeling both Lorna and Andy away from their respective families. Wounds like that don't just heal with time. If anything, they deepen.

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That's why conflict will surely define the relationship between the Mutant Underground and the Hellfire Club. Much like the X-Men and the Brotherhood, who frequently tangled over matters of mutant survival, the two groups are almost guaranteed to thrown down at some point in Season 2. How that will go down is anyone's guess, especially considering who's on each side. Such a fight would pit brother against sister (Andy has aligned with Hellfire), as well as father against mother (Lorna is among the group's new muscle). While the two factions are at war, though, a human faction is seemingly circling the wagons.

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