Fox Developing <i>Twin Peaks</i>-Like Thriller From M. Night Shyamalan

Fox has brought some big news to the Television Critics Association's winter tour with the announcement it has two major event series in development -- one from M. Night Shyamalan and the other from Bruce C. McKenna.

Shyamalan's is by far the more interesting idea, as this is his first venture into television. His project, Wayward Pines, is based on the Blake Crouch novel Pines. The premise is described as being "evocative of Twin Peaks," but consider us skeptical of all things Shyamalan until After Earth potentially proves us otherwise.

McKenna's project, Blood Brothers, tells the tale of the West Point Class of 1861 as the United States is torn apart by slavery. "Best friends, bonded in the intense crucible of the Academy, found themselves on opposite sides of a conflict that quickly became the bloodiest in U.S. history," the synopsis reads.

Both series are in development, and Fox plans to order their pilots later this year. The network's first long-form event series is slated to debut in 2014.

"With top-notch auspices and feature-quality production plans, Wayward Pines and Blood Brothers represent exactly the kind of high-impact, 10- to 12-part events we set out to develop when we entered the limited series business," Kevin Reilly, chairman of Entertainment at Fox Broadcasting Company, says in a press release. "These two series are the first of many big ideas, big names and big talent that you can anticipate will be on our air in the next 12-24 months."

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