Fox Developing 24 Prequel Series About Jack Bauer’s Origins

Fox is developing a 24 spinoff series that will follow the early days of the series' main protagonist, Jack Bauer.

First premiering on Fox in November 2001, 24 starred Kiefer Sutherland as counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer. The series lasted almost 200 episodes and eight seasons, ending in 2010. The widespread popularity of the series in its heyday led Fox to announce in May that they were considering a new take on the franchise. Now, Fox has announced that series, a p[requel series set in the same narrative universe.

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Currently in development 20th Television and Imagine TV, the show will be written by 24 showrunner Howard Gordon and co-creators Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran. It is intended to be similar to the original series, following the origin of Jack Bauer as a super spy. This follows a limited series sequel to the original show from 2014, 24: Live Another Day.

Sutherland has spoken in the past about wanting to be done with the action heavy-franchise. Shifting to a prequel makes sense for Fox, as it allows them to bring back Bauer while not having to go back to Sutherland. There’s no indication when the show will premiere, as it’s still in preproduction alongside another spin-off, which will be more of a legal drama/thriller.

(via Deadline)

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