Fox Confirms "Deadpool" Will "Definitely" Be Rated R

Those looking for a harder-edged "Deadpool" movie can fear no longer -- the film will indeed be rated R, as revealed in a video featuring title star Ryan Reynolds and "Extra" host Mario Lopez, and later confirmed by 20th Century Fox when reached by CBR News.

Playing off of months of speculation that the movie -- like the majority of Marvel-based films and all of Fox's X-Men movies -- will be PG-13, the minute-and-a-half clip first released on JoBlo sees Reynolds interviewed by fellow '90s teen star Lopez in a mock "Extra" segment, where Reynolds does his best to put on a brave face about a PG-13 rated "Deadpool." The interview is quickly cut short, with Deadpool himself arriving to knock out Lopez -- advocating for the PG-13 rating -- along with the words "Fuck you, Slater."

Reynolds' voiceover states, "April Fools'! 'Deadpool' will of course be rated R." CBR News confirmed with Fox that the April Fools' joke was the original assertion that it would be rated PG-13, and that the film is "definitely" rated R.

Directed by Tim Miller, "Deadpool" is scheduled for release on Feb. 12, 2016.

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