10 Fox Characters We Can't Wait To Have In The MCU (With 9 We Don't Need To See And 1 That Will Change Everything)

When Disney announced it was buying 20th Century Fox’s entertainment properties, which included its film division, comic book fans were ecstatic. The deal would finally bring all of Marvel’s headlining characters under the Marvel Studios banner, and possibly fold them into the MCU. Since 2008, we’ve had to use our imaginations to see the X-Men fight alongside the Avengers. We like to think Wolverine and the team were just around the corner destroying Chitauri soldiers during the Battle of New York.

Through 11 releases and three upcoming films, we’ve followed the X-Men’s lives. We’ve been a part of their struggle to fit in as mutants, while they try to figure out how balance often intrusive powers into a somewhat normal life. After a couple of misses, the franchise was rebooted in 2011’s X-Men: First Class and we started the whole journey all over again. As the MCU comes to the end of its original plan and we need to launch into the next chapter, the prospect of introducing mutants and all their stories is exciting. Of course, it’s not just about the X-Men since Fox also owns the rights to the Fantastic Four and all its characters. We don’t need to rehash the on screen failures of that world. However, with Black Panther and Wakanda becoming an important part of Phase four, it seems a perfect time to bring in the First Family of Marvel. As we continue to guess how these various properties will be included in the franchise, these are the ten Fox characters we can’t wait to see in the MCU, nine we don’t want, and one that changes everything.


Deadpool was such a spectacular movie that we couldn’t imagine how the sequel was going to improve on it. One of the best things Deadpool 2 brought us was Cable. The time traveling assassin just wants to stop the mutant who eventually causes the loss of his family. As the straight man to Ryan Reynolds’ over the top Deadpool, Josh Brolin’s Cable somehow fit in perfectly with the chaos around him.

We obviously have no idea what will happen to Thanos after Avengers 4, but we assume he will be defeated. If we have seen the last of the Mad Titan, then Brolin can just continue on in the MCU as Cable -- it would be a shame not to see him take on the Avengers.


Let’s not beat around the bush, Cyclops’ on-screen adaptation hasn’t been the best. This has absolutely nothing to do with James Marsden, who has done the best he can with a very bland character. However, the decision to make the franchise all about Wolverine had a detrimental effect on the films’ other leading man.

Cyclops’ only real character traits are his love of Jean and dislike of Logan. While these are true to his comic origins, they don’t really make for entertaining movie moments. With the MCU already overflowing with characters, we don’t have time to spare for poor Scott.


Mystique has always been one of the most popular mutants in X-Men canon. From the moment we met her in X-Men she was unquestioningly loyal to Magneto and his plans. She believes in mutant freedom just as strongly as he does.

Her willingness to do whatever it takes to make his ideas a reality made her the kind of friend we all wanted. You know, the one who won’t hesitate to break you out of a maximum security plastic prison. There was also a fascinating mystery to her origins that kept us interested. This isn’t a knock against Jennifer Lawrence, but we want the evil Mystique in the MCU. She’s a villain the Avengers aren’t ready for and won’t know what to do with.


At this point, is there anyone who still thinks the Gambit movie is actually getting made? It’s been stopped and started so many times, we can’t even count anymore. Channing Tatum is an endlessly charming actor who’s been on the short list for several major superhero roles. We would love to see him in the MCU, just not as Gambit. Especially when there are so many other classic Marvel characters he could easily play.

The character’s first on-screen appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was so forgettable, we all decided to never speak of it again. While Remy LeBeau is an interesting mutant, we don’t see him blending into the overall MCU.


Though we know less than nothing about what Marvel has planned for Phase Four, we can guess the cosmic universe will become a bigger part of the story. If we will be spending more time in outer space, then it makes perfect sense for the next big bad to be Galactus.

If we’re truly coming to an end of the Infinity Stones plot, then the heroes will need another huge threat to conquer. We can’t imagine anything bigger than an entity that must consume planets to survive. Plus, it’s the kind of fight that will take the Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four working together to defeat.


Beginning with X2: X-Men United, William Stryker has been portrayed across various timelines as the evil head of the government’s experiments against mutants. He’s the man who made Wolverine. Originally, we were shown that his hatred was the product of his own son’s uncontrollable powers.

In later movies he was seen as a soldier who wanted to use mutant powers for military purposes and didn’t care what his methods were. The character became a one note, mustache twirling bad guy, with no depth or layers. No matter what version of him we’re discussing, we’ve spent enough time in life with William Stryker and we’re done.


Victor Von Doom is one of the smartest men in the Marvel universe, and he’s also one of the richest and most evil. Tony Stark can handle a monster trying to destroy the world with very little problem. However, fighting an evil version of himself would provide endless story possibilities.

As Tom Hiddleston’s Loki transitions into a less villainous role, the franchise needs someone of similar stature, popularity, and importance to take his place. Though we can’t say if the Fantastic Four will ever make their way to the MCU, Doctor Doom definitely should but, as usual, it all hinges on the right casting.


While it may seem like a good idea at the time, not every comic book character is meant to end up on screen and Emma Frost may be one of those. As a telepath who can also turn her body into diamonds, she’s a visually appealing character. Unfortunately, her place in the films is a little less settled.

With Charles and Jean as such huge figures in the franchise, there’s not really a need for another telepath. The movies haven’t yet reached a point where she can get very involved in the X-Men, so she’s relegated to the sidelines. Her appearance in X-Men: First Class didn’t leave a lasting impression that made us want to see more.


As Marvel’s First Family, the Fantastic Four haven’t got the big on screen treatment they deserve. While 2005’s Fantastic Four and its sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer were fun action movies, they didn’t do the characters justice.

The 2015 movie took a more serious, dark approach that went too far in the other direction. The characters took such a hit they were pulled from comic books for awhile. However, the chance to see Reed Richards working alongside T’Challa and Tony Stark has given us room to hope. In Kevin Feige’s capable hands we think the Fantastic Four would be a central element in the next phase of the MCU and finally get the respect they deserve.


It’s not that we don’t like Warren Worthington III, it's that we’ve had two on-screen versions so far and both have been lackluster. The character wasn’t developed at all and was basically there just so producers could say, “look it’s someone new from the comics.”

Filmmakers may think these rough adaptations have no effect on fans, but after awhile they do. We’re looking at you X-Men: Apocalypse. You can only disappoint moviegoers so many times before they lose interest in a character. Right now, that’s where we are with Angel. Honestly, we already have a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, genius, so we’re good.


Not everyone can be in a movie with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and steal their fare share of scenes, but that’s exactly what Zazie Beetz did as Domino. We all wondered how they would portray being lucky on the big screen. Turns out we had nothing to worry about, because those moments were some of the movie’s best.

All we could think about as the credits rolled was how we wanted to know more about her and definitely see her back. With Gail Simone’s great Domino comic currently on store shelves, the template is already available, so there’s no reason for Domino to not be the next breakout hero.


X-Men Rogue

Since the first movie in 2000, Rogue has been central to the franchise - -she was our entry into the mutant world. She’s the example that not all mutant abilities are easily manageable. Her struggle to live a life where she can never touch anyone is heartbreaking, but that’s pretty much all we’ve learned about her in 18 years.

As the films move in a different direction we no longer feel the same connection to Rogue that we once did, so sad as it may be, it’s time to let the character go. This is just one of many hard decisions that will have to be made once the franchises are fully merged.


As heart wrenching and devastating as Logan was, one of the few bright spots was in the introduction of Dafne Keen as Laura/X-23. As the young mutant who Logan must protect, she was simultaneously vulnerable, innocent and fierce. We couldn’t look away from the evolution of her story and we’re still very much waiting for a sequel.

If mutants are to be folded into this existing world and a new canon is established, what better way to do that than through the eyes of a young mutant (and her friends) who is discovering her powers, as well as, the world around her for the first time.


Apocalypse is a constant threat for the X-Men -- he’s their Thanos or Darkseid. This made the prospect of seeing him in X-Men: Apocalypse very intriguing. Unfortunately, the reality didn’t live up to expectations and we were all let down. Nothing about the character worked, which was just sad.

As a matter of fact, the whole ordeal left such a bad taste in our mouths we don’t need the character to return anytime soon. Marvel has a deep enough bench of major villains that we think the movies will survive without him. There are some things from comic books that just can’t be translated to the big screen.


As we lost our minds over Black Panther, we couldn’t help but think that there was one thing missing: Storm. While we love Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia, we all know who T’Challa’s true love is. At this point, we don’t know if there will be recasts for the X-Men, but we hope not, because we’d love to see Halle Berry’s Storm blow into Wakanda and possibly clash with the king over mutant rights.

As many fans discuss the crossover possibilities, this is one of the ideas they are most excited about. Since 2000’s X-Men, Storm has been the heart and soul of the team, single handedly holding the family together through various attacks and losses. It’s time to see her in the spotlight.


Professor X is so important to the X-Men story, we almost can’t imagine the team without him. Almost, because the younger version of Charles actually isn’t that nice of a guy. He’s a bit of a control freak who thinks all mutants should use their powers according to his high ideals.

We understand that if there’s an Xavier School for Gifted Children, there should be an Xavier. However, that doesn’t mean he has to still be actively around. Based on what we’ve seen of Dark Phoenix, Charles may not come out of that as the respected figure he once was. This might be a case of the character’s story running its course.



If there’s one character we need in the MCU more than any other, it’s Deadpool. When the deal between Disney and Fox became a possibility, everyone’s first thought was about how the Merc with a Mouth would fit in with the Avengers

We all know it wouldn’t go well at all, but it would be hilarious to watch. While his solo outings might still be rated R, Wade trying to work in the PG-13 environment of the team-ups would provide an endless amount of memorable lines and moments. Neither Deadpool nor the MCU need each other -- they’re both doing fine on their own. Though as fans, we don’t care what they want, we need to see this crossover happen immediately.


We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but apparently Jean Grey has a dark personality inside of her that manifests itself as the Phoenix. Yes, we know you’ve heard it, because it’s been Jean’s story since day one. Nearly every time we’ve seen her on-screen, she’s been fighting the darkness inside of her.

We understand that it’s a big deal, but we’re exhausted with the Phoenix, which is particularly funny considering Dark Phoenix hasn’t even come out yet. Frankly, we need a break from Jean and her issues. We don’t need them to take over the MCU, the way they did the X-Men films.


Even if you’re just a passing fan of the MCU, Chris Evans’ goodbye post on Twitter broke your heart. We don’t know how Cap leaves and honestly, we don’t want to think about it until we have to. His exit does leave a huge hole for a hero who can rally the troops and is ready to make whatever sacrifice is needed.

His absence also leaves Tony without someone to check his ego driven, bad choices. For us, there’s only one man for the job. Wolverine. Hugh Jackman may be done playing Logan, but we’re not done with him yet. If the X-Men and Avengers are finally going to be on screen together, we can’t imagine anyone else in the role.


One of the reasons we kept coming back to the X-Men movies was that they always had a strong villain. What makes Magneto so great, is that he’s not necessarily wrong. Yes, his methods are bad, but his motivations aren’t.

He just wants freedom for his people and we can’t really be mad at him for that. Whether he’s played by Ian McKellan or Michael Fassbender, Magneto is a charismatic villain, who viewers can easily identify with. His entry into the MCU would no doubt shake things up and call some loyalties into question. We know things will be different after Avengers 4, but no one is better at disrupting the status quo than Magneto.

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