Fox Boss On <i>Fringe</i>'s Friday Timeslot: "It's A Big Win"

When Fox announced that Fringe was moving to a Friday 9pm timeslot in January, many people - including myself - feared that it meant that Fox was preparing to kill the show. Not so, according to network president Kevin Reilly.

Reilly, the entertainment president for the network, talked to Entertainment Weekly about the move, and said that TiVo played an interesting role in the decision:

Over the last week, over 45% of the audience time-shifted the show. That’s almost half of the dedicated audience watching it on their DVRs. It’s been such a loyal fanbase. I will be really disheartened if the viewer base decides to not watch because it shifted one night. I hope they go with it, and if not they have the option of picking it up on their DVRs.

He went further, saying that if ratings didn't drop any further, then the show will stick around:

If it does anywhere near what it did on Thursdays [in terms of ratings], we can glue that show to the schedule because it can be a big win for us.

Okay, Fringe fans: You know what to do.

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