Fox Atomic to turn upcoming <i>Blacklight</i> game into comic, movie

Brier Dudley with The Seattle Times reports that Zombie Studios, creator of the as-yet-unreleased game Blacklight, has signed a deal with Fox Atomic to turn the game into a movie and a comic series. Interestingly enough, the game itself does not have a distributor yet.

According to studio co-founder Mark Long, the game features a "covert ops team that is sent after an American CIA colonel gone rogue who has lost all sense of restraint in his pursuit of the enemy -- you're to either capture or kill him."

At WonderCon a couple of weeks ago, Fox Atomic and BOOM! Studios announced a partnership where BOOM! would publish three titles this summer by the movie unit, which has previously published its own comics based on its 28 Days Later movie, among others. Whether Blacklight is one of these titles wasn't clear in the article; I've emailed BOOM! to find out and will update this post once they respond.

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