Fox Won't Make Another Fantastic Four Movie Unless It's '100% Right'

Fantastic Four (2015)

When it comes to the Fantastic Four, Fox may be hoping the fourth time is a charm, but only if the studio can get the film "100 percent right."

Despite the critical and commercial failure of 2015's "Fantastic Four," which grossed just $168 million worldwide, producers remain interested in the Marvel Comics property.

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"We’re very interested in doing another Fantastic Four movie," producer and co-writer Simon Kinberg told LRMOnline, "and we love that cast, and it’s really about getting the tone right."

"I felt like on that last movie, we did something bold and it didn’t entirely work, and I think part of the issue is that we went away from the core tone and vibe of the comics," he continued during a press junket for "Logan. "The comics themselves are fun and playful and really about inner personal family dynamics, and we did something different and took a chance, and I am sort of proud of the fact that we took a chance, and disappointed that it didn’t totally work. I think as we go back into it and talk about it, we’d want to be truer to the core voice, tone, vibe of the source material.”

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Speaking with Collider, Kinberg offered, "I think the truth is we would not make another Fantastic Four movie until it was ready to be made. One of the lessons we learned on that movie is that we want to make sure we get it 100 percent right, because we will not get another chance with the fans."

Directed by Josh Trank ("Chronicle"), the 2015 franchise reboot was Fox's third attempt at a film starring Marvel's First Family, after 2005's "Fantastic Four," which grossed $330.6 million, and its sequel, 2007's "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," which brought in $289 million worldwide. None of those entries was well-received by either critics or fans.

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