Fox Addresses Renewal Chances For <i>Fringe</i>, <i>Human Target</i>

Between Fringe's move to Friday and falling ratings for both Human Target and Lie To Me, fans need to reasonably consider the possibility that Fox might pull the plug on any one of them to make room in the schedule for new shows. Fringe showrunners Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman were very optimistic about their future when we spoke to them last week, but that was before Friday's episode drew a 0.7 rating, less than half the 1.6 the show picked up the week before (and the two 1.9s before that).

Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly spoke a bit about all three shows in a recent chat with Entertainment Weekly. Things are looking good for Fringe, at the very least. "I’m so psyched about it," he said. "It does go to show you the loyalty of the genre audience, when you get the right show. I’m so grateful to that audience, I’d like to shake their hands. We have a lot of passion for that show here." Well we have a lot of passion for that show here, too, so thank you, Mr. Reilly. Virtual handshake accepted and reciprocated.

The outlook is sadly not as cheery for the other two shows, but more in the "let's wait and see" vein than the "these things are crap, get them off my network" way. "We have some decisions to make about [Human Target] and Lie to Me as well. These shows are not being rejected. They’re doing a consistent and solid number. There are networks that would be happy to take those shows. We have to look at our shelf space."

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