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BERKELEY, CA -- January 5, 2005 -- Colleen Doran has long been considered one of the industry's brightest lights. While she has received well deserved acclaim for her work on projects such as DC's Orbiter graphic novel with Warren Ellis, DC's Sandman, and Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast (to name a few), it's for her astonishing run on her own personal project, A DISTANT SOIL, that she is most renowned.

"Every creator dreams of getting the chance to do their pet project, and I have been incredibly fortunate to realize this dream at Image with A Distant Soil," says Doran.

A DISTANT SOIL is the story of Liana, a young girl born the heir to an alien religious dynasty. Possessing the power to destroy worlds with her mind, Liana is under an assassination order from the government of her father's homeworld.

A foiled coup attempt results in a power vacuum that leaves this alien world without its treasured weapon. The aliens have no choice but to take Liana as their reluctant new Avatar. Only an angry slave and a small group of resistance fighters can free her and the universe from the dangers of her power.

Although he only recently became publisher at Image, Erik Larsen was the first to invite Doran into the Image family back in 1996.

"I invited her into Image for good reason," says Larsen. "She's respected tremendously as a creator throughout the field. Her work is highly detailed, very decorative and gorgeous."

This March, Image Comics is proud to present the fourth Distant Soil collection, A DISTANT SOIL: CODA, available in both a standard trade paperback version, as well as a limited edition hardcover book. The hardcover edition features a beautiful leatherette cover stamped with a gold foil illustration and signed and numbered in a limited edition of 250. A random selection of 50 books will also contain a personal sketch by Doran. The book is packaged with a bookmark and a print of the trade paperback cover and sealed in an archival plastic bag with a foil seal. The Fourth Rail calls this collection an "excellent installemt of the long-running sci-fi series," and that's putting it mildly.

"Erik Larsen invited me into the company in 1996, and Image has stood by me through thick and thin," says Doran. "There aren't many places a creator can have the level of freedom I've been granted. They've been patient while I worked on other projects for other publishers and just let me sit in my little corner and chug along at my own pace. I have two major works coming out from DC and Marvel this year, and a new A Distant Soil graphic novel will make this year just about perfect."

Despite the ebbs and flows in the industry, Doran can't see herself doing anything else for a living.

"Every time I get frustrated or demoralized with my art, I threaten to run off and take an exciting job in the food service industry," she notes. "But cartooning is an addiction. I'm stuck. I love my work. I love my book."

The release of CODA, which collect portions of A DISTANT SOIL 32-37 and contains previously unpublished art, comes on the heels of two other major Doran-related announcements.

Doran makes her big screen debut as a Lord of the Rings expert, in the documentary feature RINGERS: LORD OF THE FANS, set to premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah in January. The film shows how, after 50 years, "The Lord of the Rings" continues to spark the minds and hearts of millions. In order to communicate the full LOTR experience, the film features interviews with countless people gathered under the banner of 'Ringer' -- academics, musicians, movie stars, authors, filmmakers, and a plethora of pop junkies. Along with Doran, celebrity interviewees include Peter Jackson, Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Clive Barker, and David Carradine.

And as if that wasn't enough media attention, educational publisher The Rosen Publishing Group has announced the publication of a series of biographies of six comic creators, including Colleen Doran. Each book will be 112-page, 6" by 9" trade paperbacks with full color photos, and will include photos of the creators on the covers.

Doran finds herself in pretty heady company, as the six volumes are Art Spiegelman by Tom Forget; Bryan Talbot by Lita Sorenson; Colleen Doran, by Aaron Rosenberg; Joe Sacco, by Monica Marshall; Neil Gaiman, by Steven P. Olson; and Will Eisner, by Robert Greenberger.

A DISTANT SOIL: CODA is solicited in the January PREVIEWS, and will hit stands in late March.

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