Foundationed Deep - Banshee Helped Create Omega Red?!

This is the latest in a series (of indefinite length and regularity) of pieces looking at particular odd/strange/interesting instances of retroactively connecting different comic book characters (for instance, Uncanny X-Men #268 retroactively established that Wolverine knew both Captain America and the Black Widow from World War II). Here is an archive of all of the past pieces.

Today, based on a suggestion by reader Rene, we look at the revelation that Banshee has history with not only Magneto but the creation of Omega Red, as well!

Omega Red was a Soviet super agent who tangled with Wolverine on a number of occasions, using his "death spores" to kill people.

In an adventure in Generation X #10-11, he attacks and nearly kills Banshee in the present, leading to his pupils having to stop Omega Red in the present while Emma Frost examines the memories of Banshee to discover the connection between Banshee and Omega Red. The resulting story is a big surprise (written by Scott Lobdell, issue #10 was penciled by Tom Grummett and issue #11 was penciled by Val Semeiks. They were both working with a whole pile of inkers), as we learn that Banshee was indirectly responsible for CREATING Omega Red!!

The flashback begins with young Sean Cassidy tracking a serial killer...

We then discover that he's working with...Magneto?!?

In the next issue, Sean goes to his ancestral home, but the other detective is hot on his trail...

Good stuff from Lobdell.

Then Sean begins to interact with Emma (as he is now close to recovering) and he explains that Arkady survived and it was Sean shooting him so many times that led to him being experimented on and becoming Omega Red...

What an interesting new back story for Banshee!

Thanks to Rene for the suggestion! If anyone else has an idea for a future Foundationed Deep, drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com

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