Fortnite Weapons That Should Be Vaulted in Season 10

Fortnite has seen its fair share of weapons added to, and removed from, the Battle Royale gamemode over the years. Referred to as being "vaulted," guns that no longer have a place in the game are removed, usually at the same time a similar weapon is introduced. With Season 10 nearly a week old, it's become clear which weapons still have a place in Battle Royale, and which may need to be put out to pasture.

Here are a few weapons that Fortnite should consider vaulting during Season 10.

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Fortnite has a massive shotgun problem. For many seasons, the Pump and Tactical shotguns ruled the close-range fight scene in Battle Royale mode. However, in recent months, Epic Games has introduced two new weapons in the Combat and Drum to expand the field of shotguns. While the Combat has quickly become a fan-favorite gun for veterans and novices alike, the Drum Shotgun has caused some frustration for players.

The biggest problem with the Drum Shotgun is that it's an automatic weapon, which doesn't leave players much time to respond when they come face-to-face with one. Moreover, the shotgun has 12 rounds in each clip, making it difficult for other players to defend themselves. Since the Drum is so powerful, one would assume that it would be hard for players to get their hands on it. However, that's not true, as the weapon is available in Common, Uncommon and Rare variants, making it the most common shotgun in the game.

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Introduced in Season 9, the Burst SMG found its way into the game as the replacement for the Suppressed Submachine Gun. Quickly after the gun debuted, players began to criticize it due to it not being useful at long-range. See, the Burst SMG has notably lower damage than its predecessors and lacks first-shot accuracy, meaning it frequently misses its target entirely.

The Burst was causing so many issues for players that Epic Games unvaulted the Suppressed Submachine Gun only two updates after removing it. At this point, the Suppressed is the SMG of choice for most of the Fortnite community, meaning it may be time to let the Burst go. Furthermore, the Burst is the only SMG to have avoided time in the vault.

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The Revolver has been a staple of Fortnite since the Battle Royale mode was made available to the public in September 2017. The weapon was first available in Common, Uncommon and Rare variants, with Epic and Legendary versions debuting in Season 9. While powerful, the Revolver is slow to fire continuously and takes a couple of seconds to reload.

One problem with the Revolver is the gun is more or less redundant. Except for the Epic and Legendary variants, the weapon is an afterthought for most players. Now, that may not seem like much of an issue given that most users prefer superior versions of a gun, but there is already an Epic and Legendary pistol that is beloved by many in the Hand Cannon.

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A new addition to the game, the Storm Scout Sniper is available in Epic and Legendary variants. The weapon is equipped with a storm tracker that allows players to view the location of the next zone. While a nice gimmick, the tracker provides players who use the weapon a massive advantage over opponents.

The Storm Scout poses similar concerns as the Eye of the Storm Tracker did. That item was accidentally put in the game in Season 4 before being removed after only thirty minutes. If Epic was concerned enough about the Eye of the Storm Tracker to remove it, they should consider doing the same with the Storm Scout.

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