Fortnite Vaults the Combat Shotgun, Triggering Another Controversy

In what has become a near-daily occurrence, Fortnite has made another batch of changes to its groundbreaking Battle Royale mode, including the removal of the controversial Drum Shotgun, the Promoxity Launcher and the fan-favorite Combat Shotgun. Additionally, the developers of one of the world's most popular games took another stab at fixing their ongoing mech problem.

While many players feel the vaulting of the Drum Shotgun was overdue, the Combat Shotgun is a different story. When the weapon made its debut in Battle Royale, players had a hard time adjusting to a shotgun with such a unique fire rate. But as time went on, it became evident the Combat was the best shotgun in the game. Professional and novice players alike grew to love the weapon, which makes its removal a head-scratcher.

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One of the main factors for the Combat's removal was likely the crowded shotgun lineup within Fortnite. For what felt like an eternity, Battle Royale was home to two shotguns, the Pump and the Tactical. That all changed in Season 9, when the Drum and Combat made their way into the game. For a short time, the Pump was vaulted, but public outcry led to its comeback. With four shotguns in the game, it became more difficult for players to find the one they preferred. With an overabundance of the weapon, Fortnite made the call to remove some, but it may have been the wrong one.

When situations like this occur, turning to the streaming community for perspective is usually the right move. However, many of the gamers who stream Fornite have turned elsewhere for content during the mess that is Season X. So, looking at the replies to the hotfix tweet is the best way to gauge fan reaction. "COMBAT VAULTED?!! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THE END IS NIGH," one user wrote.

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In the same blog post that announced the Combat's removal, the developers also sneaked in a change to its B.R.U.T.E. mech. The spawn rate for the vehicle has been dropped once again, to try to weather the storm that is #RemoveTheMech. However, at this point, Fornite has shown no indication that they plan to remove the vehicle so players should get used to having it around for the foreseeable future.

Fortnite is available across multiple gaming platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, Nintendo Switch, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

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