Fortnite: Everything You Need to Know About Season X

The 10th season of Epic Games' Fortnite -- or Season X, as it's called -- launches today, bringing the expected seismic changes to the gaming experience. So let's breakdown everything play can expect.

Let's start with the changes coming to "Save the World" mode. According to Epic, Season X will see emotes become available in "Save the World" for the first time. That means the emoticons, sprays, toys and, of course, dances in Battle Royale are accessible to players in "Save the World" after the next season kicks off.

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Additionally, Epic revealed that another Battle Royale staple will come to "Save the World": pickaxes. Players will be able unlock access to pickaxes they earned throughout their adventures in "Save the World" in the Battle Royale mode.

The final major announcement for "Save the World" is that Epic is working to create an Item Shop exclusive to the mode. That appears to be a long-term goal, however, as the focus is on granting access to already-purchased cosmetics in "Save the World" before moving on to making new ones available.

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As for Battle Royale, details on the changes coming to Season X are few and far between. However, the story trailer trailer sheds light on some of the thing players should be on the lookout for beginning today.

The clip kicks off with a Jonesy skin standing outside of Loot Lake as the orb that formed during the Mech vs. Kaiju event explodes, shooting the character through a portal. Jonesy then begins flying through an endless void filled with elements and key moments from past seasons. We see the rocket that created the original dimensional rifts and the butterfly that appeared after the cube explosion at the tail end of season 6. Even Peely, who first appeared in the teaser for Season 9, makes an appearance.

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As the teaser comes to an end, Jonesy falls out of the void and lands at a location that seems to be coming back in Season X: Dusty Depot. One of the original locations on the Fortnite map, Dusty Depot was destroyed by the meteor that housed the Visitor at the end of Season 3. Since then, the landing spot has been referred to as Dusty Divot.

Along with the return of the depots, fans can expect the reemergence of the factories that were housed just outside of Dusty. Some eagle-eyed viewers caught a glimpse of the classic spot in the teaser as Jonsey falls out of the portal. With the tag for this season being "out of time," it's possible other classic Fornite locations reappear throughout Season X.

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One final nugget that's sure to excite fans of early Fortnite is the tease of the return of the Tactical Submachine Gun. As Jonesy travels through the void in the story trailer, a gold version of the weapon appears. What's interesting about that moment is a Legendary variant of the weapon has never been available and its not in the regular Battle Royale mode. So Epic appears to be bringing back the fan-favorite gun in a big way.

The only other information available about the upcoming Season X comes in the form of teaser images released on the Fortnite Twitter account. The first image features the caption "Think Back," and teases the return of the aforementioned Dusty Depot. The second depicts the silhouette of a mech, with the caption "Look Forward," which matches the new two-player vehicle called the B.R.U.T.E.

The most recent teaser tweet showcases what appear to be two skins. The first one bears a clear resemblance to the Drift skin from Season 5, although it's colored differently, while the other is presumably a new skin being introduced in Season X.

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