Fortnite Video Leak Points to New Ice King Event

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Fortnite player and news source Lucas7Yoshi is the most notorious leaker of Fortnite Easter Eggs and updates there is, typically sharing sound files and new designs. Lucas went further than ever before by divulging the location of the Ice King after a new update in the game went live.

Posting video to Twitter, Lucas7Yoshi shows that the Ice King can be found in the mysterious ball hovering over Polar Peak. Energy emits from his hands, which seems to be creating or hinting at the "Kevin" cube. Since its appearance, speculation swirled around the ball, while fans discovered that an image of Ice King existed in the spectrograph of the sound coming from it.

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According to Lucas7Yoshi, no hacking was involved when he found the Ice King and "no competitive advantage was gained." In his Tweet, he gives a hat-tip to an amateur programmer who goes by AyeTSG. Still, Lucas adds that this leak doesn't violate the Epic Games terms of service, at least as far as he could tell.

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Nevertheless, Lucas7Yoshi was reportedly worried about the leak, a step up from his conventional stuff. His prior leaks and hints did not contain full graphics and normally hinted at an in-game event. Perhaps he will have more serious spoilers in the future.

Created by Epic Games, the developer of Gears of War, Fortnite is an online survival, battle royale game available for Android, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and other systems. To date, it boasts 200 million players.

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