Fortnite: Chapter Two Brings Back a Classic Feel to the Game

For what felt like an eternity, Fortnite was shut down following the event that brought an end to Season 10. During the downtime, players were clamoring for any information they could find out about where the world's most popular game might go next. The wait was more than worth it, as Fortnite: Chapter Two has arrived, bringing with it a new map and tons of fascinating features.

The game's new outing kicked off how only Epic Games could, with players immediately shooting out of the Battle Bus and descending into the brand-new map after watching the introduction video. A catchy song blares in the background as one by one, users land in an unknown drop spot to begin the next phase of Fortnite. While many, novice and pro alike, were caught off-guard, it was an exciting way to become immersed in this new world.

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With an new map to discover, players began to make the trek to uncover each POI and some old favorites, with Pleasant Park, Salty Springs and Retail Row crossing over into Chapter Two. Another fan-favorite spot to resurface is the drive-in theater Risky Reels, which has become a "landmark" location, meaning it's not substantial enough to warrant a name on the map, but is still available to loot. Some of the new popular drop spots include Slurpy Swamp, Misty Meadows and Craggy Cliffs.

While looting in these new locations, users are sure to notice a difference in the weapons available in Fortnite Battle Royale. Classic guns such as the Assualt Rifle, Tactical Shotgun and Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, have made their way over to the new outing, but a majority of the game's weapons have hit the vault. The other weapons in the game include the Burst Assault Rifle, Pistol, Rocket Launcher, Pump Shotgun and Submachine Gun.

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This development should feel familiar for Fortnite players, as the arsenal available to them mimics the early days of the game. For the better part of two years, one of the biggest complaints about Battle Royale was the abundance of weapons and items. There was what felt like an infinite amount of guns being added and removed, which made for difficult gameplay. Epic seems to have taken players' criticisms to heart, deciding to roll out a classic feel to Chapter Two.

Of course, as the season continues, changes are going to be made to Battle Royale. As has become customary with Fornite, new locations will appear, guns will find a way out of the vault, and some annoying items are sure to be added. But what will make Chapter Two a victory for Epic is for fans of the world's most popular game to continue to want more. The downfall of Season 10 was that people thought Fortnite had grown stale, and the game's developers did little to help that. Well, it appears they have taken the first steps in making sure that doesn't happen again.

Fortnite is available across multiple gaming platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, Nintendo Switch, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

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