Fortnite x Batman Crossover Content Revealed

To celebrate Batman Day 2019, Fortnite has officially announced its Batman crossover, revealing all the virtual Gotham-themed goodies players will now be able to acquire.

A trailer for Fortnite x Batman has been shared to the popular multiplayer game's official YouTube channel. It opens with silhouetted characters leaping from the Battle Bus and subsequently descending into Gotham City. From there, the Caped Crusader himself makes his presence felt, before proceeding to glide through the sky.

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Players who partake in the crossover event will be able to try out two new weapons, namely the Batman Grapple Gun and the Explosive Batarang.

Additionally, The Batman Caped Crusader Pack will be available for purchase through Fornite's in-game store until Oct. 6. The pack comes with multiple Batman-themed cosmetics, including two skins - one inspired by the DC comic books and one inspired by the Dark Knight film trilogy.

Several individual cosmetics are also available to buy, including some inspired by Catwoman. One such cosmetic is another skin, which depicts the infamous feline-themed anti-hero herself. Speaking of Catwoman, there's also the Welcome to Gotham City Challenge bundle, which includes the Catwing Glider. Players can earn free items from the bundle -- including the Glider -- by successfully taking on the various heroic Challenges, which will be available until Oct. 1.

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Fortnite is available across multiple gaming platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, Nintendo Switch, macOS, iOS and Android devices.

(via DC Comics)

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