Fortnite Action Figures Unveiled By McFarlane Toys


McFarlane Toys has peeled back the curtain on its new Fortnite line, revealing four figures and one pickax replica.

Each figure has 22 moving parts, plus back bling, a weapon and a pickax, just as they do in the game. Along with the four figures, McFarlane Toys will be releasing a replica of the Rainbow Smash harvesting tool, a pickax from the game that has a unicorn head.

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The four figures are based on different costumes from the game: the Skull Trooper, Cuddle Team Leader, Black Knight and Raptor outfits. Each figure is loaded with a different back bling, harvesting tool and weapon. The back bling and harvesting tool are items that coincide with their respective outfits. The figures each stands about seven inches tall, and features 18 points of articulation. The Rainbow Smash harvesting tool is 39 inches tall and has a set of moving wheels.

The figures and harvesting tool, according to McFarlane Toys, are crafted and painted with design elements and assets from the game. Each item will come in its own Fortnite-branded packaging.

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All of these items are available for preorder at GameStop and ThinkGeek, ahead of a targeted release later this year. The figures retail for $24.99 each, while the harvesting tool retails for $49.99 as its preorder price, with $59.99 listed as its regular price.

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