Fort Thunder Forever?

They're gettin' the band back together, man! Tom Spurgeon reports that members of Providence, Rhode Island's late, great comics/music/art/noise/wtf collective Fort Thunder are planning a one-off reunion issue of their anthology title Monster, to debut at the San Diego Comic-Con UPDATE: the Small Press Expo via exhibitor and Fort alumnus Brian Ralph. Though the Fort produced everything from installations to art-rock to bicycles, we comics folks know them best through the output of a line-up of cartoonists that included Ralph, Brian Chippendale, Mat Brinkman, Leif Goldberg, Jim Drain, and Paul Lyons. It's tough to imagine the alternative-comics world without them anymore -- their aesthetic heavily influenced or outright inspired entire publishing lines, including Highwater, PictureBox, Buenaventura, Bodega, and post-Tom Devlin Drawn & Quarterly -- so for fans of comics' outer limits, this is at least as exciting as the Faith No More reunion tour currently underway. Which is pretty damn exciting.

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