Former investigator indicted in theft of vintage comics

A grand jury in Harris County, Texas, has indicted a former investigator for the district attorney's office accused of stealing thousands of dollars in rare comics.

The Houston Chronicle reports Dustin Deutsch was indicted Tuesday on charges of felony theft by a public servant and tampering with evidence, stemming from an embezzlement case he and his former partner Lonnie Blevins were investigating in 2012 for the district attorney's office.

Blevins was arrested in January 2013 following an FBI investigation into the theft of rare comics seized from the home and storage units of Anthony Chiofalo, a corporate attorney who embezzled $9.3 million from his employer, and then spent a sizable chunk of the money on high-priced collectibles, including a copy of Detective Comics #27 valued at $900,000.

Blevins pleaded guilty in May to taking more than $5,000 worth of those comics and selling them at a convention in Chicago. He's awaiting sentencing.

Investigators contend that Deutsch, who was arrested at home Tuesday following the indictment, possessed the keys to the storage units and gave Blevins the comics to sell. Their exact value is unknown.

Deutsch was suspended from the Harris County District Attorney's Office following Blevins' arrest, and later resigned. The two also own a private investigation firm.

Chiofalo was sentenced in May to 40 years in prison after pleading guilty to the theft of more than $200,000.

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