Former investigator accused of stealing comics from defendant

You may recall the story of Anthony Chiofalo, a corporate attorney accused of embezzling $9.3 million from his Texas employer and then spending a sizable chunk of that money on high-priced collectibles, including a copy of Detective Comics #27 worth $900,000.

Well, now that story has another chapter -- one starring a former investigator for the Harris County District Attorney's office who appeared today in federal court on charges that he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Chiofalo's seized comic books and attempted to sell them.

The Houston Chronicle reports Lonnie Blevins was arrested following a lengthy federal investigation into accusations into items that disappeared following a raid on Chiofalo's home and storage units. Blevins is accused of stealing dozens of the vintage comic books, possibly worth more than $1 million.

"There were so many, they just decided to take a few," Chiofalo's attorney Paul Doyle told the newspaper. "Talk about a breach of trust." He plans to file a motion to dismiss based on misconduct.

Chiofalo's other collectibles included a boxing robe worn by Muhammad Ali, a signed first edition of The Godfather and a baseball helmet signed by Pete Rose. Presumably they're safe and sound.

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