Former Hulk Edward Norton Has Thoughts About Making An MCU Return

Recently, Edward Norton opened up about his time playing the Hulk, what his original vision for the film was and whether he'd return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Total Film spoke with Norton about his new film Motherless Brooklyn and the discussion eventually turned to the actor's time playing Bruce Banner at the dawn of the MCU. While Incredible Hulk has a generally unfavorable reputation among fans, Norton said he is thrilled with how it turned out and knows there are those who still love it. He also admitted how disappointing it was that his original take on the film never saw the light of day.

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"The Hulk was… I felt sad that what [director] Louis [Leterrier] and I set out to do, in terms of taking more of a Chris Nolan approach to making something that was a little more dark and serious, they ended up sort of neutering," he said. "The script I wrote for them had a two-part almost Batman [Begins]/Dark Knight kind of vision."

Norton made it clear in the interview that the powers that be weren't keen on his approach to the material and seemed to blame them for the maligned final product. Still, he had nothing but positive things to say about the experience and praised Mark Ruffalo's work as his replacement.

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Of course, many fans still want to see Edward Norton return to the MCU in some way. Given that Marvel seems more and more comfortable reusing existing actors, it's not hard to imagine this occurring. As for who he'd want to play, Norton is open to something more villainous: "Maybe... a baddie? Maybe I’ll write my own. I don’t know, I’m open to everything."

In the comics, there are plenty of alternate -- and evil -- takes on the Hulk. Red Hulk was almost in the MCU, and he may appear eventually, so there could be a scenario where Norton is able to return as a gamma-irradiated villain himself if the Hulk-verse keeps expanding.

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