Former Emma Frost To Join Avengers?

When January Jones took the role of Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class, many wondered what had happened to Alice Eve, the actress initially announced for the role. The answer may shed light on both First Class and, curiously, Marvel's Avengers movie.

Comic Book Movie is reporting that Eve asked to be released from her First Class contract because of her dislike of recent rewrites done to the script, which is an interesting (and potentially worrying) wrinkle for Matthew Vaughn's reboot of the X-Men movie franchise. Even more interesting is CBM's end to the article:

Marvel Studios wishes to include her in their ensemble superhero film, The Avengers, as a villain. The role, albeit minor, would serve to tie together another of their properties; since the villainous character is most notably featured in Thor comic story lines. Though the role has yet to be given a name, fans of the character should undoubtedly be able to pinpoint who it is.

So, the Enchantress, then...? (Or, at a stretch, Lorelei, the Enchantress' sister?) Start your "What does that mean for Avengers theorizing right... now.

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