Former DC President Harassed Off Twitter by Angry Zack Snyder Fans

After voicing her support for Joaquin Phoenix's Joker following the recent influx of photos and videos of the new Clown Prince of Crime, fomer DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson has been harassed off Twitter by fans still angry about how Warner Bros. handled director Zack Snyder's vision for the DC Extended Universe.

Nelson commented on a tweet from Warner Bros. containing a camera test of Phoenix's Arthur Fleck in full Joker makeup, calling the film a “great story” and “What DC should have been doing since Nolan. Even if die hard fans struggle with his vision."

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However, some fans quickly took exception to Nelson's remarks, interpreting them as a slight against Snyder, who was replaced by Joss Whedon after his abrupt departure from 2017's Justice League. Initially, Nelson responded to the "snake in the grass" accusations by tweeting, "I happen to count Zack Snyder among those things, if you are insinuating otherwise. No snake here." Soon afterward, though, she set her account to private after being flooded by angry comments, and has since deleted her account altogether.

Many fans of the DCEU who were disappointed with the final product of Justice League have been vocal in blaming Warner Bros. and DC executives for reportedly derailing Snyder's vision, which began with 2013's Man of Steel. Nevertheless, regardless of whether studio interference was a contributing factor in this particular instance, harassment of executives, filmmakers and actors -- former or otherwise -- is becoming an unfortunate trend in modern fandom, with Star Wars' Kelly Marie Tran and Batwoman's Ruby Rose facing similar situations earlier this year.

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