Former "Captain Marvel" Writer DeConnick Comments on Brie Larson Casting

In front of a massive 6,000 person crowd in the infamous Hall H at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Marvel Studios announced that Brie Larson would be playing Carol Danvers in 2018's "Captain Marvel" film. The announcement was met with mostly positive buzz both in San Diego and online, yet some skeptics questioned the choice. Former "Captain Marvel" writer Kelly Sue DeConnick recently weighed in on the decision.

DeConnick was the first writer to put Carol Danvers -- formerly the superhero known as Ms. Marvel -- into the Captain's chair when she wrote a new "Captain Marvel" series for Marvel Comics in 2012. In a new interview with Vanity Fair, the writer threw her unwavering support behind Larson in the role. "She has a gravitas and she has a power to her. But you can see she also has a sense of humor and playfulness there," said DeConnick. "I'm psyched."

Criticisms of Brie Larson vary from complaints about her height (Larson is 5'7", where Carol in the comics is 5'11") to her age (Larson is 26, while Carol's comic age is fluid, but definitely older given years of experience). "My Carol was a Colonel [in the Air Force], so she was older," said DeConnick.

Some die-hard fans have been coming down hard on the actress following the announcement, but despite any differences between Larson and Carol in the comics, DeConnick vehemently disagrees with the negative reaction. "I don't want that to undermine my support of a young woman who has a billion-dollar franchise on her shoulders. I am emphatically on her team no matter how old she is, because she's the one who got it." said DeConnick. "She's publicly had this role for 24 hours. I have a lot people following my lead, and I'm not going to tell the choir that she's not right."

When it comes to Hollywood and women in key roles, DeConnick knows that Larson needs all the support she can get. "When we cast women as leads in an action film we saddle them with a responsibility of representing the possible success or failure of all women-led films for the next five years. When a man leads a film that fails, that film fails. We don't say, 'Well, clearly men can't carry a genre feature.'"

Still, when it's asked who her dream actress for the role of Captain Marvel would've been, DeConnick picked Kathleen Turner, but from 1983. "She could be both sexy and awkward and powerful... From what I can tell, Brie Larson can do those things too."

DeConnick may have left "Captain Marvel" and Marvel Comics behind to focus on creator-owned projects like the acclaimed "Bitch Planet," but she still has some ideas about how Carol should look in costume on the big screen. "I love the helmet! That is not a universal opinion. After we left the book, they got rid of the helmet," said DeConnick. "I have a lot of boring continuity arguments on the history of the helmet and a list of reasons as to why the helmet exists. I want the helmet!"

Marvel's "Captain Marvel" flies into theaters July 6, 2018.

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