Former Bond Girl Comes Out Against A Woman Playing James Bond

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Though millions around the world continue to enjoy the James Bond films, some believe that Ian Fleming's famous, womanizing MI6 agent has not aged well. A number of people, including former Bond actor Pierce Brosnan, believe that it is time for the franchise to introduce a female James Bond to reflect the fact that times have changed. Of course, not everyone agrees.

Valerie Leon starred as a Bond girl twice: once in 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me with Roger Moore and again in 1983's Never Say Never Again with Sean Connery. She recently appeared on Good Morning Britain to argue against the idea of a female James Bond.

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"The world has gone mad!" Leon began, "I'm dressed in black. I'm in mourning that we're here to talk about Bond being a woman." She then went on to explain why she believes that Bond should remain a man, arguing, "He was conceived as a man, that is how Ian Fleming saw him. He's been successful all these years -- we don't want to see him as a woman!"

As host Piers Morgan described how he believed audiences perceived the famous fictional spy, Leon agreed that he is simply a form of escapism, adding, "He's a fantasy... So many men have wanted to be Bond and women have wanted to be with Bond." She then seemed to question the possibility that a female Bond could succeed, asking, "How can people fantasize about a woman as Bond... men aren't going to go for a woman who's a killer and assassin." Finally, Leon argued, "Why would the producers change something that's been so successful for 57 years?"

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While Morgan and Leon both argued that 007 could never be a woman, recent reports have revealed that the role of 007 will be going to a woman in the upcoming No Time to Die, which features Daniel Craig's final appearance as the British spy. Captain Marvel actor Lashana Lynch will be taking over as 007 at the beginning of the film in what should be a pivotal moment. To be clear: she won't be James Bond, but it's a step closer.

James Bond was created by Ian Fleming in 1953 as an amalgam of all the agents and soldiers that Fleming had encountered during his service in World War II. The novels and numerous film adaptations did a lot to shape the spy genre. However, the ideals on which Bond was based no longer reflects modern day views.

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