Ace Duck TMNT Toy

Much like Mattel and the Masters of the Universe toyline, when Playmates saw how popular the initial TMNT figurines were, the company created a whole bunch of new ones. In most cases, new characters were made purely with the intention of selling more toys – and nothing to do with

the source material. One such figure was Ace Duck, an anthropomorphic duck, billed as "The Aero-dynamic Adventurer".

Truth be told, Ace looked rather cool with his leather jacket, removable pilot's cap, pistol, egg grenades, and wings. The character did eventually make his way into canon, appearing in the comic books and animated series; however, he never found the sort of popularity that minor characters like Slash and Mondo Gecko enjoyed. Maybe Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will remedy this in the near future.

Footcruiser TMNT Toy

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