10 Most Forgettable Justice League Members (Who Are Actually Super-Powerful)

The Justice League are Earth’s most powerful heroes and their rooster, at the best of times, has been compared to the pantheon of the Olympic Gods. But the team has not always had “the best of times” and its members haven’t always measured up to the ideal of Zeus, Aphrodite and Mercury.

Mainstays like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have come and gone over the years. And their positions have been filled by other heroes who have not stuck in the public’s memories. That’s not to say that they were weak or useless. All of these heroes, though forgotten, are immensely powerful beings.

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10 Ice

Tora Olafsdotter is a member of the Norwegian Romani. She was long taught to keep calm to control her metahuman abilities and this shaped her shy personality. This is in direct contrast to her boisterous and assertive friend, Fire.

Tora has incredible snow and ice manipulation powers. Initially starting as just enough to knock an opponent down, she can now forcefully remove an entire group from a building. Tora can create massive amounts of ice and snow to the point that it becomes a blizzard and affects the weather in that area. She can also create a giant ice creature and control its actions. Tora also has super-strength and can fly.

9 Faith

The mysterious Faith first appeared as part of Batman’s “contingency Justice League” when the main team was teleported back into the past during the Obsidian Age Saga. Faith is dubbed “The Fat Lady” by her teammates. This alludes to the adage “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings” given Faith’s ability to end most conflicts single-handedly.

Faith has incredible telekinetic powers. She can levitate herself and fly. Faith can levitate and disorient enemies and she can levitate objects as big as a skyscraper. She can use her psychic energy as a weapon, even once destroying an entire fleet of invading alien warships. She is a gifted telepath and gives off an aura of trust and confidence that help everyone well together. She can teleport groups of people.

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8 Mystek

Jennifer Barclay aka Seong first encountered the Ray in his civilian form, pursued him home and triggered his portal to the JLTF headquarters with her powers. Seong was offered membership on the team and a costume by the Martian Manhunter. The extremely claustrophobic Mystek panicked during a space mission, blasted her way out of the ship and suffocated.

Mystek could manipulate energy on the atomic level, and through any electronic device, could create energy blasts, read magnetic signatures, see through light images like those of the Ray or the shape shifting of J’onn J’onzz as well as other abilities and could fly.

7 Bloodwynd

Bloodwynd is the descendant of slaves owned by a sadistic man named Jacob Whitney. The slaves preformed an ancient ritual to create the Blood Gem in which they killed Whitney who became a demon named Rott. The modern Bloodwynd was sucked inside the Gem. Rott mind controlled the Martian Manhunter to impersonate Bloodwynd. Blue Beetle discovered this deception when Bloodwynd was incapacitated by fire, the Manhunter’s chief weakness.

Bloodwynd is a necromancer. He can speak to the dead and gains power from death energy. He can summon the spirits of the dead to give him increased power. He can sense when a murder has occurred and can make murderers feel the pain of their actions. Bloodwynd gets other powers from the Blood Gem. These include flight, optic blasts, super strength and other mystical powers.

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6 Moon Maiden

The Centurion created the Erasure Weapon, capable of erasing a being from history. After erasing several unidentified heroes, he went after Laura Klein aka Moon Maiden. She flew the them both high into the sky. With a massive explosion, both were erased from history with only her Apollo astronaut father remembering her. Both returned years later and with Hugh’s help, the Justice League remembered her and defeated the Centurion.

Moon Maiden was able to manipulate the moon’s gravitational pull. This ranged from making small objects and herself fly to affecting tides and causing earthquakes. She could induce “Lunar Madness” causing traumatic flashbacks or potentially insanity.

5 Aztek

Named Uno, Aztek was raised to be the champion of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl to battle their enemy Aztec god Tezcatlipoca. He joined the Justice League but resigned when he discovered his secret society was organized by Lex Luthor. Aztek sacrificed himself against Mageddon to give Superman the chance to strike the final blow.

Aztek’s helmet gives him the ability to manipulate four directional energy to create almost limitless effects. These included super strength, speed, hearing, flight, x-ray vision, invisibility, plasma blasts, density shifting and could create an energy net to entrap people.

4 Major Disaster

Petty thief Paul Booker hired scientists to create devices to create natural disasters, Booker had an unsuccessful criminal career until JLI head Maxwell Lord offered him the chance to be a hero in the Justice League Antarctica.This was short lived and he returned to crime until he was tapped to be part of Batman’s “Contingency Justice League”. Booker later joined the Justice League Elite and was killed at the Battle of Metropolis by Superboy-Prime

Originally stemming from devices but later internalized, Major Disaster could cause chaos at will. After making a deal with the demon Neron, Booker saw the strands of chaos around him. His powers ranged from controlling asteroid storms to making a single person trip. While Booker could create disasters effortlessly, stopping them takes a great deal of effort.

3 Triumph

A world saving event caused Triumph to be pulled into a limbo dimension that affected the time stream and everyone forgot him. When William MacIntyre returned from limbo, his former Justice League colleagues were now veteran heroes. After “selling his soul” to the demon Neron to get his lost decade back and becoming a destitute failure, Triumph allied with the 5th Dimension imp Lkz. It took the combined might of the JLA and the JSA to stop it. The Spectre turn Triumph into an ice statue.

Triumph has control over the electromagnetic spectrum. This gave him the ability to see TV, radio and satellite signals and 360 degree senses. He could project energy blasts from his eyes and hands and could manipulate energy. He could create force fields, stasis fields and could absorb energy channeled directly at him. Triumph also possessed super-strength, speed and invulnerability.

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2 Mikaal Tomas Starman

Mikaal was originally sent as an advance scout to conquer the planet but turned on them and aided humanity. Starman joined the Justice League when his lover was killed by agents of Prometheus. Mikaal stayed with the League as they battled a possessed Alan Scott, fought Doomsday and entered Shade’s brain. After being injured on Gemworld, Mikaal resigned.

The Gem embedded in his chest gives Mikaal has the ability to fly, project concussive energy blasts, super-strength and accelerated healing He can also survive longer in space because of his alien physiology and ages slower than humans.

1 G’nort

G’nort received his ring from the clown race of Poglachians who were supplied by the Weaponers of Qward. The Poglachians gave their “Green Lantern” rings to imbeciles and morons to discredit the Guardians of the Universe. G’nort followed the Justice League back to Earth and pestered them to join. Maxwell Lord tried to get G’nort out of the way in the Justice League Antarctica but it didn’t last. G’nort saved Guy Gardener's life in the battle of Qward and Guy nominated him to Green Lantern Corps. G'nort has lost and found his ring several times, became a Darkstar and lived in the aisle behind Guy’s Warrior’s Bar.

While often played for laughs, G’nort has one of the most powerful weapons in the universe on his paw. With his power ring, G’nort can create hard light constructs of anything that he can imagine. He can also survive in space, communicate with any race and fly under the ring’s power.

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