15 Teen Titans DC Wants You To Forget

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Since debuting in 1964, the Teen Titans have cemented themselves as one of the most beloved teen teams in comics. Initially composed of younger sidekicks such as Robin, Kid Flash, and Wonder Girl, the Titans would grow exponentially over the years, taking on fan favorite characters such as Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven. What began as a group of DC's kid heroes would blossom over time, becoming the DCU's premier younger super-team. But at the end of the day, it is the Titans' roster that has helped the series last as long as it has; without it's lovable cast of heroes, the Titans would have fallen out of favor like many other teen teams have over the years. But not every member of the Titans roster is as popular as Robin or Beast Boy; in fact, there are some members that DC would rather fans just forget.

From one-and-done characters that slipped into obscurity or recurring characters that fans grew to hate, the Teen Titans have seen all manner of problematic members. But these characters all have the same thing in common: DC wants you to forget all about them. So join CBR as we look back through the years at the characters that fizzled out, never took off, and just plain didn't work. These are 15 Teen Titans characters DC wants you to forget!

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Kid Eternity DC
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Kid Eternity DC

While Kid Eternity debuted all the way back in 1956 as a hero for Quality Comics, the character would receive a massive overhaul in the '90s, courtesy of mega-popular writer Grant Morrison, who re-imagined Eternity as a leather jacket-clad rebel that could summon demons who would take the form of historical or mythological figures to aid him in battle. With Morrison helming the character, Kid Eternity seemed poised to take off. But DC seems to want everyone to forget about this one-time Teen Titans member.

Eternity joined the Titans in 2006, using his demon-summoning powers to fight the good fight against Brother Blood. Eternity would later die unceremoniously off-panel at the hands of the Calculator. The character would be revived in a one-shot issue during the New 52, but has yet to appear since, leaving fans to believe that DC has little interest in putting Eternity back in the spotlight.


Baby Wildebeest

Remember that game Earthworm Jim? Remember that level where you had to protect an innocent little puppy who, when harmed, would Hulk out and become a hulking monstrosity? Well, Baby Wildebeest is DC's superhero answer to this gag, and boy does it seem like the comic company wants everyone to forget this lame Teen Titans member.

A genetically engineered toddler recovered from the villainous Wildebeest Society by the Titans, Baby Wildebeest possessed the ability to transform into a musclebound "adult" form. Seeing no issues with recruiting a baby to a super team, Baby Wildebeest would be drafted into the Titans, where he would go on to get knocked out by Superman. Baby would later die at the hands of Superboy-Prime, only to reemerge as a Black Lantern. Since then, Baby has stayed dead, and after making no appearances recently, DC seems to prefer to keep it that way.


Solstice Teen Titans

Since debuting in 1964, the Teen Titans have had plenty of forgettable members grace their ranks over the years. While most of these characters were of the one-and-done variety, only one totally forgettable Titans member managed to be totally forgettable twice: Solstice.

Kiran Singh, a.k.a. Solstice, brought her light manipulation powers to the Titans in 2010, joining the team just before the series was canned to make way for the New 52. Solstice was then brought back in the New 52, where she was given a new smokey appearance. Solstice would remain a member of the team during the entirety of the New 52, only for the ill-fated reboot to be shelved to make way for DC Rebirth. Solstice has yet to appear since Rebirth, but since the hero failed to make an impact with readers twice, it seems as though DC has no interest in trying a third time.



The DC Universe is no stranger to legacy characters. Al Pratt served as the Golden Age Atom, a name that would be inherited by Ray Palmer, who would take the title in an entirely new direction. But it was Grant Emerson that would carry on Pratt's legacy when he took the name Damage. Now, though, DC seems dead-set on having fans forget all about Damage.

Born of a genetic experiment combining the DNA of some of the Golden Age's greatest heroes, including Pratt, Emerson was designed for greatness. Taking the name Damage, this super powered hero would serve as a member of the Teen Titans and JSA, only to die during the events of Blackest Night. With DC introducing a brand new, completely unrelated character named Damage recently, the publisher seemingly has no interest in reviving this fan favorite Titan.


Redwing DC

No, we're not talking about The Falcon's trusted avian sidekick. In fact, DC has its own character named Redwing, and this one somehow manages to be more forgettable than Marvel's, who, lest we forget, is an actual bird. Hell, this Redwing managed to serve as a member of Teen Titans and even served as a member of the honor guard during Superman's funeral, and people still don't remember her.

Redwing served as a member of the Titans in the early '90s, when the team was re-branded as "Team Titans." Hailing from an alternate war-torn future, Redwing was trained by Nightwing and used her, er, red wings to help fight the good fight. After the events of Zero Hour, Redwing would be wiped from existence, never to return. We're willing to bet DC has no interest in reviving this zero any time soon.


Joker's Daughter Teen Titans

It isn't often that a character is the recipient of near universal hate, but then again, it isn't often that a character is as lame as the Joker's Daughter. Since debuting in 1976, Duela Dent has jumped for villain to hero and back again, but much like her muddled past, fans are just left feeling confused over this half-baked nobody. Considering Joker's Daughter's spotty criminal career, we're willing to bet DC would rather fans forget about the character's brief runs with the Teen Titans.

Duela first joined the Titans pre-Crisis, and would later be drafted to aid the team in a fight against the Justice League, only to leave again. She would then re-join during One Year Later, only to die at the hands of the Monitor. With seemingly no plans to introduce Joker's Daughter in Rebirth, DC is likely hoping Titans fans forget about this mess of a member.


Teen Titans Gnarrk

Listen, we all know the Teen Titans haven't always set the highest bar for membership; after all, this is the team that recruited a baby and a caveman. Gnarrk, the caveman in question, has fought alongside the Titans since the early '70s, and managed to run with the team longer than some of the Titans' biggest members. But fans would be hard pressed to remember DC's take on Captain Caveman, and it seems as though DC would prefer to keep it this way.

Gnarrk joined the Titans pre-Crisis as a time-displaced caveman, where he would learn limited speech from team member Lilith, who would come to love the caveman. Gnarrk would be re-introduced as a founding member of the Titans in the New 52, but he has been M.I.A. since Rebirth, and DC seems in no rush to change this.


You know a character is bad when that character's claim to fame is "had her head punched clean off her shoulders." This dubious distinction belongs to Pantha, an obscure Teen Titans member that, judging from the character's swift and brutal death, DC would prefer everyone forget about.

Pantha joined the Titans during the early '90s, bringing her cat-like abilities and generally standoffish nature to the team. As a Titan, Pantha would go out of her way to alienate herself from her teammates, and developed a reputation for her unapproachable demeanor. Unfortunately, "kind of mean to her team members" proved to not be a very popular character trait among readers, and Pantha would have her head punched off by Superboy-Prime during Infinite Crisis. While comic book heroes rarely stay dead, Pantha has remained six feet under ever since, and DC seems to want this D-grade Titan to rest in peace.


kid devil blue devil

While the honor of receiving a kid sidekick is normally reserved for the top tier superheroes, sometimes smaller heroes manage to recruit a young ward. Such was the case with Blue Devil, a demonic hero that fought alongside young fan Eddie Bloomberg, who would take the name Kid Devil. As an obscure sidekick and an obscure Titans member, this is one hero DC has little issue with forgetting.

Kid Devil would be imbued with demonic powers by Neron, using his newfound powers as a member of the Teen Titans. Kid Devil would go on to rebrand himself as Red Devil and would become an integral part of the Titans during his tenure. Devil would perish saving a city from a human bomb, and has yet to make an appearance since the introduction of DC Rebirth. This cult favorite character has his fair share of fans, but DC has shown little interest in reviving the hero.


Bushido Teen Titans

Remember earlier when we discussed Pantha having her head punched clean off her shoulders? Good times. But Pantha wasn't the only D-List Titan to die from Superboy-Prime; in fact, fellow nobody hero Bushido met his demise from a well placed heat vision blast courtesy of Superboy-Prime, and it is this death that the character is mostly remembered for, and DC has no intention of changing that.

This third-rate Katana knock-off used his weapons imbued with the souls of the dead to fight alongside the Titans, and even briefly served as a member of the short-lived Titans L.A. After the dissolution of the L.A. team, Bushido would go M.I.A., only to appear to confront Superboy-Prime, where he was promptly murdered. In a universe filled with beloved martial artists heroes, DC has shown no interest in reviving Bushido, and likely hopes this obscure Titan remains forgotten.


Bunker Teen Titans

Since debuting in 1964, the Teen Titans have seen plenty of members fail to make an impact and subsequently slip into obscurity. After all, not every new Titans member is lucky enough to be as popular as Beast Boy or Robin. That brings us to Bunker, a failed modern Titan that, despite his relatively recent introduction to comics, seems to be gone for good, and DC is in no rush to change this.

Debuting as a member of the Titans in 2011, Bunker was an openly gay Mexican hero that wielded the ability to form purple energy constructs. Despite a promising backstory and interesting powers, Bunker failed to connect with readers, and was subsequently swept aside when DC Rebirth replaced the New 52. Since DC's soft reboot, Bunker has dropped off the face of the Earth, becoming just another obscure Titans member DC hopes you forget.


Power Boy Teen Titans

While Power Girl's costume has become one of DC's most iconic outfits, there is no denying that it is wildly impractical and downright sexist. After all, what kind of hero would wear a chest window? From this totally ridiculous question came Power Boy, perhaps one of the Titans' most obscure members.

Hailing from Apokolips, Power Boy is essentially a gender-swapped Power Girl, featuring the same power set and rocking the same revealing chest window. Power Boy served as a member of the Titans during One Year Later, only to leave the team and later reemerge as a founding member of Teen Titans East, where the hero, along with the rest of the team, would perish during their first training mission. A character designed as a tongue-in-cheek mockery of one of DC's bigger characters, that contributed little of consequence and died a violent death on his first team mission? Yeah, this is one hero DC hopes fans don't remember.


Wendy and Marvin Teen Titans

Fans may remember Wendy and Marvin as the bumbling but well meaning twins who helped the Super Friends on the eponymous Super Friends cartoon of the '70s. While the twins were popular among young viewers, the pair were clearly missing something: needless grittiness. Thankfully, the Teen Titans were here to solve this problem, and DC would likely prefer everyone forget all about it.

Wendy and Marvin joined the Titans in 2006 as caretakers of Titans Tower. Retooled into teen geniuses with degrees from MIT, the twins seemed poised to become long lasting members of the team. But then the pair adopted a stray dog, dubbed it "Wonder Dog," only to find out it was actually a demon, who promptly ate Marvin alive and mauled Wendy into a coma. Kid-friendly cartoon kids being eaten by a demonic dog? Yeah, DC seems to just want to brush this whole situation right under the rug.


The Atom Teen Titans

Since Ray Palmer debuted in 1961 as The Atom, the character has enjoyed a prolonged career as a solid B-grade hero. These days, The Atom is enjoying something of a resurgence, appearing as a regular character in Legends Of Tomorrow and making his debut in Injustice 2. But during the mid-'90s, the character was going through something of a slump. So what do you do with a failing hero such as The Atom? Easy: de-age him and have him lead the Teen Titans!

During the events of Zero Hour, Palmer is de-aged into a teenager, leading the diminutive hero to taking on a leadership role in a new Teen Titans team. Unfortunately, teen Atom was a dud and the character would quickly revert to his original age. DC has avoided addressing this oddball stint for the fan-favorite hero, and the company likely hopes everyone forgets all about the Atom's run with the Titans.


Cyborg Teen Titans

"Shenanigans," you might exclaim upon seeing this entry. "Cyborg is a major hero in the DCU! He was just in the Justice League movie! Cyborg has never been bigger!" And you would be right, dear reader. But since Victor Stone has taken his place as a member of DC's premier super-team, DC seems dead set on having fan's forget Cyborg's Teen Titans roots.

Since the launch of the New 52, Cyborg has received a drastically retooled origin. In this incarnation, Cyborg never joined the Titans, and is presented as a Justice League member from day one. Cyborg has joined DC's pantheon of premier heroes, which Titans fans are all too happy to see, but with DC seemingly ignoring Cyborg's years of experience with the Titans, fans get the impression that the comic company would rather have everyone forget about Cyborg's past as a Titan.

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