Forget the movie -- Dorkin &amp; Thompson working on new <i>Beasts of Burden</i> comics

Yesterday's announcement of a potential Beasts of Burden movie put a gleam into the eye of more than a few comic fans, but if that wasn't enough, we have more good news: Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson are already working on more Beasts of Burden comics.

Prompted by the movie announcement, Dorkin took to his blog to give new details about new Beasts of Burden stories in his work. After last year's crossover with Mike Mignola's Hellboy, Dorkin & Thompson are reuniting for three standalone stories in upcoming issues of Dark Horse Presents, and they're currently working out a schedule to do another limited series. Huzzah!

Dorkin & Thompson are no stranger to Hollywood-types taking notice of their work; Dorkin's worked extensively for Cartoon Network, and Thompson's Scary Godmother series was made into a string of animated films several years back.

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